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A private citizen support group, located in the USA, is making this information available for the education of those interested in parks, China and travel to China's National Parks.

This site will provide information periodically to give the reader a greater sense of the very special values to be found in these parks.

The National Park Trust has already sent three delegations to China to give them guidance on how we would address issues, like location of trails, the need to keep from overcommercializing their parks, and interpretation.

Paul Pritchard, president of the National Park Trust, is an advisor to the China Ministry of Construction which includes the National Park Agency. His visits there have taken him and his delegation across China into some of the world's heritage sites.

Paul and his delegation just returned from critiquing the Terra Cotta soldiers archeological site, the ancient silk route city of Xi'an, the monuments of the Kunming (also known as the City of Eternal Springtime), Dali and Ligiang in the foothills of the Himalayans.

Sampling of Trip 2001 Photos
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A Chinese delegation of 11 who visited the United States in 1999 were from community, provincial and national parks. There are 119 national parks in China.

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