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China's National Parks
Monday, October 18, 1999 (9 pm ET)
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Hosted by
The National Park Trust and
The Friends of China's National Parks

Chat Live on AOL with a delegation of 11 currently visiting the United States. They are from community, provincial and national parks. There are over 160 national parks in China.

Wang Zao Sheng, Division Director, Department of Survey & Design, Ministry of Construction
Zhu Jiaji, Chief Editor, National Parks of China Magazine
Xiao Qin, Landscape Architect, Bureau of Parks, Sanya
Zhang Zuowei, Division Director, Bureau of Parks, Guilin
Gao Yu, Division Director, Bureau of Secretary, General Office, State Council
Sun Meiyan, Division Director, Dept. of Personnel and Education, Ministry of Construction
Wang Panyan, Landscape Architect, China Academy of Urban Construction
Tang Jinqun, Landscape Architect, China Academy of Urban Planning and Design
Qi Youxin, Deputy Director, Ming Tombs Special District
Li Yongkun, Deputy Secretary, Society of Landscape Architecture of Guilin City
Huang Jianqiang, Landscape Architect, Deputy Director, Institute of Park Planning and Design of Guilin City

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