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Glacier National Park
Bob Feinberg

Bob Feinberg has been taking photographs for almost 30 years. He has no formal training other than some course work in high school. Bob enjoys all types of photography. He particularly enjoys sports, landscape, and macro photography. Bob photographs entirely in 35mm format, utilizing Nikon equipment.

One of Bobís photographs was recently chosen as a winner in Becton Dickinsonís annual employee photo contest. He was also featured most recently on Americaís Parks Forum on America Online. He took first place in a contest sponsored by Andco 2000, a website for amateur photographers in December 1998. Bob also won 3rd place in the Annual National Wildlife Reserve Photo Contest with a photograph taken at Loxahatchee National Wildlife Reserve.

You can view some more of Bobís work at: New Web Site

Glacier Photography by Bob Feinberg
All photos are copyrighted 

baby_big.jpg (67701 bytes) rising_f.jpg (155684 bytes)
Image of a young Dawl Sheep found wandering with a group in a parking lot in the Canadian side of the park. Rising Falls, taken off the Going-to -the-Sun Road near the Logan Pass Visitors Center, an area known as Garden Wall.
meadow_w.jpg (122513 bytes) lake.jpg (103753 bytes)
An open meadow with wildflowers, taken on the trail leading behind the Logan Pass Visitor Center. There were grizzly bears, and mountain goats readily visible in this area. This image is a view of Goose Island, on Lake Mary. This is one of the most photographed views in the park.
sinopah.jpg (64505 bytes) two_medi.jpg (71142 bytes)
The boat "Sinopah" taken at sunrise at an area known as Two Medicine Lake, near East. "alpenglow" on the Rockies taken at the Two Medicine Lake area during sunrise, located near East GLacier, a less populated area of the park during the summer.
waterfal.jpg (71174 bytes)
This image is of Virginia Falls, taken on St. Mary Lake Trail on the east side of the Going-to-the-Sun-Road.

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