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Duncan Grandin

DuncanI'm quite new as a serious photographer, and don't have a big track record to show. But, I think I have many pictures that show the fun and challenge of creating a good picture.

To capture the beauty and excitement of the things we see, then translate it to film, is a real challenge. This makes it easy to fall in love with photography. But, to me the real FUN is the CHASE. To find and put together the perfect composition. This drive forces me to look longer for a better angle or better light or wait for the sunrise or sunset to improve the shot. The camera opens my eyes to the world around me.

Once I've clicked the shutter and walked away, I say to myself "Gee, did I capture the best angle or should I have used a different filter? Or maybe I should come back later and do it over". It goes on and on, until I get my slides back and I rush through them looking for the one "WOW' shot.

I hope you will enjoy my collections presented here. 

Duncan Grandin

Photography by Duncan Grandin
All photos are copyrighted




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