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Grand Teton National Park
P.O. Box 170, Moose, WY 83012-0170

The most impressive part of the Teton Range, this series of blue-gray peaks rising more than a mile above the sagebrush flats was once a noted landmark for American Indians and "mountain men." The park includes part of Jackson Hole, winter feeding ground of the largest American elk herd. Established February 26, 1929.

Photographs Ada Piro
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Grand Teton Jackson Lake
03MormonCabin.jpg (91362 bytes) 04FieldofSagebrush.jpg (45329 bytes)
Mormon Cabin Field of Sagebrush
06TetonsReflected.jpg (57865 bytes) 02Tetons.jpg (78134 bytes)
Tetons Reflected Tetons
07Tetons-FogBank.jpg (33394 bytes) 08SnakeRiver.jpg (26907 bytes)
Tetons & Fog Bank Snake River

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