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An Exclusive 6-Day Photographic Report

Arches National Park, UT
P.O. Box 907
Moab, UT 84532

Join Ada Piro and a group of photographers as they spend 6 days capturing
the beauty of Arches on film. Begin --> Journey

All photos Ada Piro; Web design by Davinder Khanna

Located in SE Utah, on 73,379 Acres, Arches National Park has 2,000 cataloged arches, the highest concentration in the world.

Over 100 million years of erosion created an awe-inspiring landscape of fins, arches, balanced rocks and petrified dunes of sandstone.

Constantly under attack by geological forces, over time, the arches will collapse, new ones will form and balanced rocks will fall. These sandstone arches and monoliths are transitory, occupying a millisecond on the clock of geological time.

Proclaimed as a national monument
April 12, 1929;

Established as a national park
Nov. 12, 1971.

Boundary Changes
Nov. 25, 1938; July 22, 1960; Jan. 20, 1969

Acreage - 73,378.98
Federal: 66,343.51
Nonfederal: 7,035.47

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