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Expedition America,
A National Park Odyssey

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Terry and Stevie Halbert


Terry and Stevie Halbert

While on a typical Labor Day vacation to Glacier National Park, Stevie and Terry joked about traveling to all the National Parks in a year. Out of this joking and the wonderful experience at Glacier National Park came the development of Expedition America, A National Park Odyssey.

What seemed like fun, for two hard working individuals, took months of planning, and information gathering; to say nothing of watching the United States Budget Crisis close down the National Park System. With the planning, packing, and work done, Stevie and Terry were married on the first leg of Expedition America on the north coast of Oahu, Hawaii. 

The inauguration of Expedition America took place in January 1996 at Golden Gate Bridge Scenic Overlook. At twelve noon the couple headed south in their brightly colored VW Camper on their eleven and half month odyssey.

While visiting each of the National Parks Stevie and Terry collected lasting memories of the sites and people they met, and regained their sense of wonder and their faith in America and her people.

Today Stevie and Terry continue their love of National Parks and visit them whenever possible. Stevie works as a bookkeeper and Terry is pursuing his dream of working for the Boy Scouts. They live and work in Northern New Mexico.


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